KHS at Xtreme Wheels

We have a variety of KHS  Bikes. Here is a sample of some. Come in and look at others we have that will fit your pocket book and needs.

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KHS Road Bikes

KHS Road bikes are fast-moving, nimble machines that can take you to see the world. These bikes are lighter weight than most other bicycles and have higher gearing to allow you to ride with much more speed to really put in the miles on your daily ride. KHS makes many levels of road bikes, from full-blown race bikes to fun sport ride bikes to off-road gravel bikes that take you to see the beauty of the earth.


KHS Trail bikes

KHS Trail bikes have become synonymous with all around mountain bikes. Typically around 140mm of suspension travel, these bikes are at home on trails, single track, dirt roads, gravel, and  even rugged paved roads. These bikes are super versatile, and super fun, they are the SUV’s of the mountain bike world.