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Bike Shop For Sale

I'm Zach Somers and I own Xtreme Wheels Bike and Sport. To our friends: I know you understand, and thank you. To our customer acquaintances: You'll be fine, and thank you. To our detractors: I wish you happiness. Thank You. 

My father Bill Somers opened Xtreme Wheels in March of 1999 in our first location at 1851 Madison Avenue in Council Bluffs, IA. Since then there have been multiple locations (Valley View and now Main Street), several partners in business, many part-time employees, a few full-time employees, and always a primary focus on customer service. I gained employment as a part-time mechanic in my junior year of high school, and throughout the years have taken more responsibility and gained more ownership of the business. I learned from my dad how to treat people like they're people until they prove otherwise. He is a masterful salesman, his demeanor on the "show floor" was always so dis-similar to my own. I know we really appreciated each other all the same.  Bill has now fully retired and is enjoying life away from work with his wife, my mother, Colleen. Myself, our Master Mechanic Jai Gonzales (who gets all the work done), and our staff have perpetuated the business and had wonderful success in doing so. Our customers are what have made the entire experience as successful and enjoyable as it has been. The relationships we have developed over the years are what make this a difficult decision. This industry has provided my livelihood for almost two decades now and I feel gratitude for having been able to benefit from it for so long. The time has come, though. The time is ultimately what is most important to me. I have a fantastic wife and two incredible daughters that deserve more of my time than I am able to afford. I intend for that to change. Over the years I feel as though retail has changed and that it will continue to transform. The most recent surge in sporting goods business may not be indicative of future trends, but our hobby will continue to grow in popularity indefinitely. Instead of compromising our level of service expectations, and with no interest in effectively expanding to meet future demand, we have decided to give someone else this prime opportunity. Since last February there has been more blessed business than we can handle due to the exodus of the "other bike shops" previously in town compounded with the pandemic, which drove interest in our industry through the roof. The ride never ends. For the proprietor of the Oldest, Best, and Only bike shop in Council Bluffs and Southwest IA, it is time to do something different. The store needs new energy, a revival of sorts. It would not be fair to our customers for us to persist with our current worsening attitudes. This is your chance to be your own boss, set your own hours. Benefit from the groundwork we have laid, we have an excellent reputation. This area definitely supports whatever shape or form your business takes. The undisputed monopoly on bike shops in Council Bluffs is yours to do with as you will.  It could be yours, rather, and I am a motivated seller. Thank you for your interest and or your support, please contact us with further questions. Maybe we'll see you on the trail! Thanks again, love you, Zach.